Barbara implements strategies from Blue Array's SEO Manager Certification course to increase organic traffic by 330%

Barbara Leal Schneider - Global Manager of Retention & Activation at Gympass

In 2020 I was working in the client acquisition team of a rising Brazilian fintech called Nubank whose main product is a credit card free of monthly fees. At that time, our risk models pointed out the fact that prospective customers coming from organic online searches were more keen to comply with the payments of credit card bills when compared to prospective customers coming from online paid marketing channels.

Overall, our models helped us understand that, in order to acquire customers with a lower default rate and with a lower CAC (Client Acquisition Cost), we needed to invest in organic ranking for important keywords.

As the person responsible for guiding the strategy in every acquisition channel of the company, the SEO Manager Certification helped me build the necessary strategy for us to better understand our website, build a diagnostic, and put together an action plan.

Before taking the course, me and the team had no idea where to start... We knew that we were not at our best and that we could do some work on keyword mapping, but not much more than that.

The course helped me build the whole strategy, step by step, starting with early basic analysis (SEO audit) that led to important diagnosis, which led to a full SEO roadmap.

The sheets provided in the course are a great example of simple things that made all the difference when we needed to create our backlog and keep track of it. Secondly, the content of the course is EXTREMELY ACTIONABLE and simple to apply.

For example, Blue Array´s instructors suggest tools to perform a crawling, or explain in detail all the steps behind a full diagnosis of a keyword strategy, etc.

After 11 months of hard-work, content writing, website refactor and UX redesign, all guided by the step by step provided by this Blue Array course, we were able to move from the 43rd position for the search "free credit card" to 4th. This refers only to searches in Google Brazil, but as it was the main market for the company, it brought us a monumental incremental flow of organic traffic: +330% YoY!

 The company's website used to be almost useless and now it is a national benchmark for organic ranking in a wide range of keywords related to the company's businesses. I truthfully owe it to a fantastic team and to the SEO Manager Certification.

We’ve asked Barbara…

  • How long did it take you to complete the course?

    2 months

  • Which lessons have you found particularly useful?

    SEO common pitfalls, creating a keyword universe, and creating a content strategy

  • How would you summarise your experience with the Blue Array Academy?

    “Complete and actionable guidance to manage and revamp a website.”

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