From jobless to founders: father and son launch Digital Marketing agency following Blue Array's SEO training course

Joseph Kahn - President & CTO at Hum JAM

Joey Smith - CEO & Director of Sales at Hum JAM

This is a COVID-19 success story brought on by the generosity of the Blue Array Academy.

My 24-year-old son and I were jobless because of COVID-19. He was a bartender and I am a musician.

After losing all of our work, my son had the bright idea to start an SEO agency after speaking to a friend. Since we had no idea what we were doing, I knew we needed to get educated, but we were low on funds and then lo and behold, I saw a post on Twitter about Blue Array temporarily offering access to their certification course during the peak of the pandemic.

My son and I jumped at the chance, got certified, learned a ton and got the audit sheets we needed to start building our own sites (and ranking them) and taking on some new clients (and ranking them) with the information learned in the Academy.

The Keyword Universe training is now what we use for every client! It is amazing and I haven't seen that taught anywhere else ;)

It inspired us ever since to tackle any certifications that came our way. We are now certified in just about everything Digital Marketing and super excited about serving our clients.

We have all that thanks to Blue Array’s generosity to show us the ropes here in the States how to do SEO RIGHT! Boom and thank you so much! Our new agency was born because of it:

We’ve asked Joseph and Joey…

  • How long did it take you to complete the course?

    It took us both about a month to complete. We took our time since it was new information.

  • Which lessons have you found particularly useful?

    All of them!

  • How would you summarise your experience with the Blue Array Academy?

    “Blue Array Academy had the expert SEO training and the human heart to help us build our new agency at the right time and the right price.”

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